The Concentration Camp : Auschwitz And Treblinka Essay

The Concentration Camp : Auschwitz And Treblinka Essay

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The first concentration camp that comes to one’s mind when thinking about the Holocaust is Auschwitz. This can probably be contributed to the fact that it was the largest of the camps with the greatest potential for murder and labor. Auschwitz was used as a 3 part concentration, death, and slave-labor camp from 1941 until 1945. On the other hand, Treblinka was only around for 14 months. It was a death camp that contained specially designed gas chambers with the capability to kill thousands. (Berenbaum, 120) However, in the short time it was operated, it was responsible for the deaths of around 870,000 to 925,000 Jewish prisoners. There were numerous other concentration and death camps that need to be accounted for that were just as cruel to prisoners as Auschwitz; Treblinka is just one. By comparing Auschwitz and Treblinka, one can realize just how horrific it was to be a prisoner in any concentration camp throughout the 1940’s. Treblinka is the second most important German wartime extermination camp in all of history and it can take credit for the greatest amount of killings in the shortest amount of time. It is known as the “forgotten camp” because shortly after the war, Nazis tried to cover their tracks in hopes that nobody would find the destroyed evidence located there. Treblinka should be remembered along with Auschwitz or else the countless lives lost there will be forgotten as well.

The Final Solution was the Nazi plan in Germany during World War II to get rid of the European Jewish population through genocide. In January of 1942, this policy was instituted and planned out at the Wannsee Conference. It resulted in the murder of two thirds of the European Jews, better known as The Holocaust. Both ...

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...en there were other camps that were just as bad, if not worse. If you look deeper into Treblinka’s history and acknowledge what went on there, you realize just how important it actually was. Its history proves that the camp demolished thousands of people and left the few survivors with terrifying memories. As a death camp that killed 99% of its residents within the first couple hours, Treblinka should be and known as a powerful, malignant place where countless people were killed. It should be remembered and be as prevalent in today’s society just as Auschwitz is, showing the effect it had on Jewish prisoners, as well as other minorities throughout the 1940’s. If society really studied other camps during the Holocaust and what went on in those camps, it wouldn’t have the perception that Auschwitz was the worst institution just because it was the most populated.

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