Essay on Concealed Weapons Should Be Permitted On College Campuses

Essay on Concealed Weapons Should Be Permitted On College Campuses

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Concealed Weapons should be permitted on College Campuses
Gun-control laws are a very controversial topic right now in the U.S., especially when it comes to allowing concealed-carry holders on college campuses. Nevertheless, guns should be permitted for concealed carry on college campuses if the carriers have concealed-carry licenses because mass shootings occur mostly in gun-free zones. There have been many incidents in which concealed-carry holders have disarmed attackers, and concealed-carry holders are overwhelmingly law-abiding citizens. However, the argument’s opponents believe guns should not be allowed on college campuses for various reasons, including: professors might be afraid to issue bad grades, a gun may go off by accident, college is an emotionally active environment, it would lead to more violent crime, and someone could spontaneously go on a killing spree.
First off, some people think professors won’t want to give out bad grades if students were allowed to carry guns. Why should a professor be afraid to issue a bad grade to a student legally carrying a gun when there also could be a student illegally carrying a gun that he or she doesn’t even know about? There aren’t checkpoints and pat-downs on college campuses to check whether anyone is carrying a gun. A student could walk onto campus with a book bag full of guns, and no one would know about it. Regardless of how a professor feels about the issue, laws are based on facts, not feelings.
Secondly, some people believe guns should not be allowed on campus because they may go off by accident. True, a gun may go off by accident, but according to, Students for Concealed Carry, out of 150 college campuses that allow concealed carry, there have been only three accident...

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...t, numerous warning signs often can be observed leading up to the incident (Stafford).
All in all, here is the point: There is no reason why concealed weapons should not be allowed on college campuses. Whether or not someone believes guns should not be allowed on college campuses because professors might be afraid to issue a bad grade, a gun may go off by accident, college is an emotionally active environment, it would lead to more violent crime, and/or someone could spontaneously go on a killing spree, the evidence shows guns should be allowed on college campuses. People who use guns generally know how to operate them, most law enforcement officials are in favor of allowing people to carry guns, campuses where there are guns permitted see no increase in violent crimes, and people don’t just snap into a killing spree. In conclusion, here is one of my favorite quotes:

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