Concealed Guns on Campus

Concealed Guns on Campus

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On May, 2011, a bill that allows college students to have concealed guns on campus has been approved by the Texas State Senate according to The Daily Texan news article. Even other states are also trying to pass the law about concealed weapons on campus. Although some might argue that students need to defend themselves by carrying a gun, the law should be abolished because carrying a gun by immature students may increase violence and tragic accidents whether or not it is intentional.

Surprisingly, according to some research based on interviews for students, “a study of 119 four-year colleges found that 4% of college students reported having a firearm at college, approximately 700,000 firearms based on the size of the current college population.” (Fennell, 99) This report indicates that not a few students carry a gun without realizing that the weapon may kill numerous innocent people.
College students, even if they are eligible for drinking alcohol or driving a car, are not mature enough to control themselves or react appropriately in a situation. A tragic shooting on Virginia Technological University did happen, which is called ‘Virginia Tech massacre’ among people. According to the New York Times, more than 30 students including a shooter, Seunghui Choi from South Korea, were shot and killed in a classroom.
Dr. Fennell, a professor of health education in the Department of Kinesiology and Health at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, maintains that students can not handle the stressful college life and might have a chance to express their stress by using their weapons because they are not mature no matter how old they are (100).
Therefore, each state needs to reconsider passing the bill of carrying concealed weapons on campus in order not to result in unfortunate tragic stories.

A great deal of drugs which might cause critical damage to ordinary people has currently been traded in the United States. Concerning illegal drug use, Richard Nixon, 37th president of the United States, mentioned the phrase “War on Drugs” during speech. This slogan has been used as main drug policy in the U.S. However, the drug policy is not currently operating well in reality.

What does “War on Drugs” exactly mean? “The War on Drugs is a campaign of prohibition and foreign military aid and military intervention being undertaken by the United States government, with the assistance of participating countries, intended to both define and reduce the illegal drug trade.” (Bullington and Alan) In other words, to eliminate the illegal drug trade in the U.

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S, the U.S government takes military actions all over the countries.
The drug policy “War on Drugs” has an adverse influence on U.S economy as the policy “war on terrorism” has done. One primary argument that many critics of U.S. drug policy cry out is that it is much more expensive to imprison a drug addict than it is to treat one for his or her addiction. Nevertheless, the U.S government continues to bring to court thousands of illegal drug cases every year.
Even Obama administration regards the drug policy as “counter-productive” according to Wall Street Journal. Gil Kerlikowske, the new White House drug czar, argues that the drug policy needs to be focused on not only criminal justice, but also public health.
In conclusion, the drug policy called “War on Drugs” is no longer working today because it costs a lot of money, time, military force. Therefore, the policy should be aimed at public health.

The environment on the earth is getting worse and worse, which might lead to the extinction of human being as well as all kinds of animals and plants. This could be an over exaggerated opinion, but it is clear that the earth is no longer in good condition because of the technology development. Such technologies, in contrast, made it possible for human to go to other planet with space shuttle, which is manned space exploration. Some experts say that expanding space program than before is too expensive, but it is not expensive compared with other programs the U.S government launched, and it is important for one country’s entire profits.

Most people regard space program as one of the most expensive spending in U.S government budget. However, it is not expensive expenditure compared with other expenditures in the U.S. Former NASA biologist Keith Cowing contends that:
“Right now, all of America's human space flight programs cost around $7 billion a year. That's pennies per person per day. In 2006…Americans spent more than $154 billion on alcohol. We spend around $10 billion a month [on the war in] Iraq. And so on. Are these things more important than human spaceflight because we spend more money on them? Is space exploration less important?” (Dubner)
Aside from that, space program will be able to bring potential benefits economically and politically. Historically, American people strongly criticized the government when the government bought Alaska from Russia because Alaska seemed to be useless territory for America. But it turned out there are a number of natural resources and oil. Similarly, Americans tend to consider spending money on expanding space program as unnecessary expenditure. However, although it costs billions of dollars, it will be worth it.
In conclusion, the U.S. government should keep supporting NASA’s space program for the mankind in the future.

There are hundreds of thousands of hybrid cars on the streets and parking lot. One of the reasons why people prefer hybrid cars to gasoline cars is probably to prevent air pollution as well as to save the money spent on filling the gas. As the oil price increases, hybrid cars are more and more popular because they are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Nevertheless, hybrid cars using both gasoline and electricity are not helpful for the environment.

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