ConAgra's Food Brands Employee Policies Essay

ConAgra's Food Brands Employee Policies Essay

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Don’t feel like cooking tonight or going for carry out, no problem have a Marie Callender’s Turkey Pop Pie or maybe something exotic like P. F. Chang’s Mongolian Style Chicken. No matter what may satisfy your taste buds if it can be found in your freezer or pantry chances are it’s one of ConAgra’s various brands. ConAgra’s Foods brands can be found in most American’s households. With their commitment to provide products that deliver outstanding taste, nutrition and value ConAgra have created ways to improve sustainable business practices and create innovative programs that deliver on their promise of being a leading corporation. By developing organizational structures ConAgra Foods has influenced employee’s to maximize their full potential, develop group cohesiveness, and embrace the inclusion of diversity in the workplace ConAgra is able to provide
“everyday food in remarkable ways (Rodkin, 2013).”
ConAgra’s Foods mission of "one company growing by nourishing lives and finding a better way today, one bite at a time (ConAgra Foods, 2010/29/07)," is dedicated to providing consumers with good quality food that tastes great and provides good nutrition at a reasonable cost. ConAgra was founded in 1919 by Frank Little and Alva Kinney, who consolidated four grain mills as Nebraska Consolidated Mills. ConAgra financed the development of the Duncan Hines brand of cake mixes in 1951 to make flour more profitable. But in 1956 they sold their assets in Duncan Hines to Procter & Gamble, and 15 years later in 1971 Nebraska Consolidated Mills changed its name to ConAgra. Several successful and lucrative investments resulted in ConAgra Foods being the largest processed foods business in America (ConAgra Foods, 2010/29/07). Along with the...

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