Comunity Risk Reduction Programs and Procedures Essay

Comunity Risk Reduction Programs and Procedures Essay

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As emergency providers we are viewed as a trusted and valuable source of information particularly when it comes to protecting the public. Through the years the America Fire Service has recognized the need to build and maintain effective emergency response capabilities. The new norm for the fire service has many common similarities with financial restraints that affect staffing levels, response times, equipment needs, growing pressures from political groups, and various demographic considerations, yet the expectations to provide a high quality service are still present. While response readiness is absolutely necessary, it is no longer viewed as sufficient. Many fire organizations have continued to be reactive in today’s emergency response requests. They may understand how to mitigate a call of service, but with the expectations of our customers, it is now time for these fire service organizations to become even more proactive in community needs. This has been demonstrated not only by individuals but by organizations, communities, and even countries, as they have recognized, citizens are demanding more.
While many natural hazards can be anticipated or even expected, could many of the injuries, deaths and destruction be eliminated? The awareness of our own areas as well as lessons learned from other areas should bring increased value in Community Risk Reduction Programs (CRRP). CRRP are not a new concept for the fire service by any means, but for some reason many agencies are rarely using them to their fullest capacity.
The intent of this ARP is to solve the many challenges associated with why a Community Reduction Program is needed in the Show Low Fire District. The problem is that the Show Low District ...

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...ecutive Analysis of Community Risk Reduction 2nd Edition, 3rd Printing

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