Computers Should Be Used For Tablets Essay

Computers Should Be Used For Tablets Essay

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Innovation. convenience. capability. productivity. And immersion are perks that tablets would have over computers in the classroom yes? No, in fact it is quite the opposite. Computers have full desktop operating systems which are basically full operating systems such as Windows and OSX. (macs operating system) They can run full versions of programs efficiently. As well as that the actual components that are in computers can literally do more. A tablet is basically an extremely simplistic and dumbed down version of a computer except compared to a computer tablets are practically, and now pretty much outdated within potential productivity in the classroom.The reasons that computers should be used instead of tablets in a school environment are that they have better performance when running tasks, they have software and hardware advantages, and it will enrich the learning environment.

Technologically, speaking, computers are completely superior when running tasks such as Microsoft Office. They can run full versions of these programs with more extent and complexity, allowing for more productivity than tablets can withstand. For one instance, research papers require very complex things that require an abundance of formatting, margins, page numbers and double spaces, which is practically impossible on a tablet. Unless you already had a template made, which you it had to be made on a computer. But when you would edit that template on the tablet it would break the formating. So with that stated it is shown that using a computer would be more efficient. The actual programs can do more because of the computer’s superior hardware, and of its more powerful operating systems. A tablet’s operating system can be very limited, so it cannot run a...

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...ements their might be some controversy about any down side of laptops. Things like weight, battery life, agility, and cost. Well their are laptops that completely destroy any sort of counter argument for any tablet that is better than a laptop. One such as the Dell XPS 13, Surface Pro series and many more. But blatant facts of comparing computers to tablets would literally end up in computers winning. Tablets are inefficient their purpose was to take paritaily what computer could do and combining it with mobility. Their are now computers that outdo tablets on all levels they are faster lighter more cost efficient.
So with this I hope I have updated you on life’s more efficient technology and why they are needed for the classroom. They are better when running tasks they have better hardware and software. And they will enrich the learning environment. Have a nice day!

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