Computers ' Main Forms Of Communication With The User Essay

Computers ' Main Forms Of Communication With The User Essay

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Computers’ main forms of communication with the user is “yes sir” and “I do not understand.” Programs that you may write, might be error-free, but might be read differently than you would expect. Remember, computers take what they read literally. Any small issue that is does not show up as an error will be run by the computer with unexpected and sometimes hilarious results. (Microsoft, n.d. a) A well-known example is from the video game Sid Meier’s Civilization. Each major leader has an aggressiveness on the scale 1-255, 1 meaning the calmest. Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi’s aggressiveness is set to 1. At one point along the game, every leader’s aggressiveness is lowered by one, which means Gandhi’s is now a 0; to the computer, 0 and 255 mean the same thing. This made Gandhi launch nuclear weapons at anyone who even as much as looks at him wrong; this makes the game unintendedly difficult.
Computer languages such as Python, Java, and Visual Basic (VB) all are considered high-level languages; these are the easiest to learn because of the way they are written. This is because of the way the code is structured and how it uses many of the commands in plain English, this makes it easy for anyone to read and have a basic understanding about what the program is doing. However, in order for the code to talk to the computer, there needs to be a translator called a compiler. This will take the code and make it readable for the computer (Raymond, 2010). A few problems arise from using a compiler; one of the biggest is compilers can be inefficient and sloppy, and, at worst, machine-specific. They are much better today than they were a few decades ago. Low-level languages such as Machine Code, and Assembly, directly tell the computer what to d...

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... the C languages commas will separate expressions and statements where they work like semicolons which are used end statements. Caution should be taken when using commas, for any statement that comes after the comma will be ran and the statement that came before it will be ignored. A comma is best used in for-loop statements where code is ran repeatedly ([Frank], 2010). Many math operators such as “+” and “-” can be used as they would be in math, to add, subtract, etc. values together (Tutorials Point, n.d.).
Even with poor grammar, humans might be able to decipher the meaning of what the speaker is trying to say; however, machines cannot understand poor grammar. Computer programs have a certain expectation for how they want you to communicate with them. Fortunately, much of today’s computer programming languages adopt many methods and principles of spoken language.

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