Computers in the Medical Field Essay

Computers in the Medical Field Essay

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“Computers play a key role in almost every sphere of life” (Berry, Terrie). Without them, everything would be different. People all around the world own or used a computer. Whether you are a professional in technology or just an average person, computers are still very important in your everyday life. “No other technology has accessed the world like computers and the use of the Internet have” (Maddox, Amanda). Without computers, consumers would not be able to do half the things as quickly as we can. Advances in computer design have increased its use for different industries, especially in the medical field.
Computers help out hospitals and pharmacies very much. Pharmacists use computers to keep a record of medications and the dosage to give to each patient. Most computers in hospitals are used to keep track of patients and their status. Computers also keep track of equipment placement and their status as well. Scientists depend on computers to help find cures for cancer, STDs, and other diseases. Computer software helps doctors’ research different symptoms, cures and treatments for different diseases. Cures for a lot of diseases would not have been found without the help of computers.
Medical tools in the modern day are almost all made with small, programmed computers inside. “Medical imaging is a vast field that deals with the techniques to create images of the human body. Many of the modern methods of scanning and imaging are largely based on computer technology” ("Importance of Computers in Medicine."). We have been able to apply many of the advanced medical imaging techniques, over the years, thanks to developments in computer science. Magnetic quality imaging uses computer software. To obtain high-resolution images, doctors ...

... middle of paper ... computer application or by researching the disease they have. Computers have made life so much easier by letting us improve the way we look at things.

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