Computers at Fort Greene's Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership Help the Poor

Computers at Fort Greene's Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership Help the Poor

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S.N.A.P. (Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership) Fort Greene computer and printing lab has many resources the community can use in order to help them move through the harsh deserts of the communities poor but shrinking economic disparity. The population is a little over a hundred and ten thousand ; infant mortality is four point eight persons out of one thousand, which is one less than the national average. Twenty percent of the population is on some type of financial support, from T.A.W.F. , Supplemental security assistance and medicaid . There are three different shelter in the community according to professor Glose, each one in worst shape than the other with Auburn the worst. The New York times covered a story following a young women named Dasani; living in Auburn homeless shelter. The article also go in depth about the gross upkeep and how packed to the point that it is common place to be bunking with several others, rodents and bugs or all varieties. S.N.A.P looks to offer resources to all in the community to enable some economic stability and knowledge and give some solace to those who are dehumanized so often.

Fort Greene has about twelve computers a majority of them are mac computers, a few windows and one is a linux machine. In order to use the computer you sign a basic form name, date, time and signature. These computers are use for entertainment purposes for simple things like facebook or youtube. I watched a couple in their twenties enjoying a few small clips, which helped them relieve the stress of having not much in material possessions. These computers also help those who come visit do not have the expendable assets to be able to afford the ever rising need of a constant connection to the internet. Otherw...

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... you think those thoughts. As longs as the person is not in the process of hurting others then you have disregard all internal feelings to tell them how you are going to fix them in my opinion. Diologia like that to someone who has gone through so much as it makes people feel so degrading like they are not good enough for human interaction.

With help from all the work force and the community can be a real anchor to have people weather the storm until they can either get enough to be pulled out of it. Or be giving the tools needed to survive the harsh world in which they live in.

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