Computers Are The Right Technology Capable Of Performing The Same Tasks And Duties Humans

Computers Are The Right Technology Capable Of Performing The Same Tasks And Duties Humans

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Introducing the topics
Computers are beginning to show that they are the right technology capable of performing the same tasks and duties humans can. They share several similarities like the speakers are the ears, the microphone is the mouth, the monitor is the eye, the tower is the brain, and the keyboard is the body. In order to really figure out the capabilities, the following topics that need to be explained are perception and data entry, processors and memory, software, output devices, storage devices, networking and the formation of electronic community. Each of these also has a challenge of how much can be decided to determine that they are like us in terms of what they can actually do.
Perception and Data Entry
At the current time, the computer has speakers which act as the ears of people. They are able to hear certain recordings and sounds. In the near future, there is a possibility that computers are able to hear the movements of different structures like bridges and buildings and prevent major incidents from happening. Also the movements can perceive the way computers would be able to have the ability to touch things. By touching things, it senses a specific vibration. The computer’s monitors are going to be able to tell if the image on the screen has importance on our human race and if it will be of any assistance when time approaches (Brunner, 2012). According to Garret Brunner, computers will eventually have the powers to determine what humans should be eating and create a meal that would benefit our health (2012). Right now, a computer does not have a nose like humans, however in the near future it would be able to smell things for people like detecting if there is a serious disease that can cause people harm...

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Computer Advantages Human Advantages
Communicates via Mic Communicates via mouth
Hears through speakers Hears through ears
Tower acts as Brain Brain
Monitor used to view or see Eyes to look at things
Uses a form of movement involving vibration Has Feet and Legs

Concluding the topics
After all considerations and research, I think that a computer can completely replace humans. This is a great project that allows humans to realize that there is something else out there that are similar to us in both shape and form. A computer has several ways to decide whether they are the best in terms of technology and comparing the powers they share with us. An interesting information that I found was the fact that computers will eventually have the opportunity to be able to taste and smell things to determine what is best for us (Brunner, 2012).

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