Computers Are Destroying Our Privacy Essay

Computers Are Destroying Our Privacy Essay

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Cell phones are all the rage, everyone has one and wants the newest coolest one. “90% of American adults own a cell phone, and well over half have a smart phone.” (Kresser). Everyone can not go a day without there phone, nine year olds are getting iPhones. What if I told you that these small devices were harmful? These mini computers are invading our privacy, exposing our location to potentially predators, hurting our emotional health, and posing risks with usage in the car.
The app we use everyday can see everything we do. Most of us have 20+ applications on our phones and do not think twice about it, but we all need to be aware of the risks involved in them. We allow some apps to see every little we do on our phone when we accept the terms and conditions when we download. “apps can trace your Web habits, look into your contact list, make phone calls without your knowledge, track your location, examine your files and more.” (Gralla). Almost every app we use invades our privacy in some way. The Apps sell our personal information to advertising companies and marketers. I have deleted some of my favorite apps because of the terms and conditions they have. You might be alright with this but, I am not.
Potential predators and/or stalkers can see our location through our phones. There is technology in the GPS that anyone can you wherever you are down to the tee. They can hack into your phone no problem. There is also risk in posting on social media. If you post a picture on any type of internet it’s out there and anyone can see it, you are giving out your geographical information to the world.
Cell phones are so harmful to our personal well being. They cause poor communication between friends, family, and just day to day interaction...

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...l health issues, but there is research being done that phones transmit radiation to us. So mentally and physically these phones are really taking a toll on us.
An obvious reason about the dangers of cell phone usage is while operating a car. Anything from texting to calling to using the GPS is putting you and other drivers at risk. Texting and driving is way too common and causes millions of accidents, injuries, and deaths per year. Almost ¼ of car accidents are caused by texting and driving. Using the phone while driving makes you 23 times more likely to crash and hurt yourself, anyone in the car, and other drivers. It is just too high of a risk to play around with, any kind of cell phone use is unacceptable while driving.
Our addiction to the phone leads to us having no privacy, potentially being hurt or stalked, not having good conversations, and it even kills.

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