Computers And The Future Of Learning Essay

Computers And The Future Of Learning Essay

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In a society dominated by technology, education by computer is the better way for

students to learn and teachers to teach. At first glance, it may seem problematic, but research has

shown computers to be the future of learning. The use of a computer in place of the standard pen

and paper will far outweigh any cons of the matter. It will generate income, increase funding,

connect the entire world, and increase the number of resources available to students at any point

in time.

Computers can be compared to a library, where information is really easy to locate and

use. The information a computer can provide is incredible. Through access to the internet,

students will be able to research and do homework more efficiently, learn new ways to problem

solve, and even get online tutoring. “Any student can use the computer as a medium through

which the access of information and resources manifest itself as the supernatural agency,”

(Mercurius 1). The online tutoring part will be especially useful for students at very large schools

or universities, where instructors don’t have enough time to individually tend to the needs of

every student. Computers provide a limited resource to students, that resource being extra help if

needed. Through the use of computers, students will be able to learn new problem solving

methods, just with the click of a mouse. This personalizes the learning process and will give

students the extra help that they may need. Another good thing about using computers is the

availability of information. The internet has an ever increasing amount of information useful for

anyone doing research. This is helping to get information to people much faster and more


Using computers...

... middle of paper ...

...uters that they will be using for the rest of their lives. Learning

computers is one of the hardest things to do if you don’t have any experience with them, so this

puts students ahead of the curve so to speak.

With technology apparent in our lives, computer based education systems just seems to

be the most logical choice. It enables students to learn the way that best fits them as well as saves

time, money, and the frustration of previous methods such as researching using the library. They

also allow students to connect with each other via the internet, which is beneficial all by itself. It

allows students to seek online tutoring, if needed, and brings students together to study and

research. There are many pros and cons of using computers in school, but from the research

stated above, computers seem to be the best option and the future of learning.

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