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Computerised Accounting System Essay

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The following essay aims to analyse in depth a computerised accounting system and its aspects such as its history, what technologies is based on, and how it has developed since its beginning. Other aspects such as the current state of the system and the interactions with other systems and the future of the system will also be covered in this paper.
1. The history of the system.
Accounting itself is a system that people has been using for thousands of years, the system records financial information about a person or business, businesses use it in order to be able to keep and track their financial accounts and other financial information in a safe and efficient way. (Brooks, 2012)
Thousands of years ago this information was engraved in rocks, books and other ways, but it was very hard to keep record and access the accounts as the system becomes complex. Before, people had to look for financial records in rooms or places where they stored this information, it was time consuming and not efficient. (Bellis, 2013)
Nowadays with the implementation of new emerging technologies, the way businesses keep this financial information has become computerised. At the moment businesses use computers with a computerised accounting system in order to perform many other new activities than what they were able to do in the past. Businesses can access financial information from different department in the organisation, access to the information through computers and find financial data very fast, being more efficient. (Beliss, 2013)
Today, there is a range of computerised systems in the market that business can use to keep track of their finances; few of the most recognised for their performance are Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, QuickBooks, SA...

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