Essay on Computer Vulnerabilities Of The Internet

Essay on Computer Vulnerabilities Of The Internet

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In the last ten years, there have been many software vulnerabilities that have caused thousands of dollars to businesses. Many of their resources have been breached, and those malicious attacks have gotten better over the years. Back in the day, the job of a system administrator sometimes involved dealing with malware and other infectious software. However, security threats have become heavier on businesses today, and they depend on these IT professionals to do more than just updating the network with the latest security patches (Belovich, S. 2010).
Consequently, having a strong IT security environment as well as having the experience to maintain it, is an important asset in most network infrastructures today. The evolution of the Internet opened the doors to many possibilities, such as productivity and business development in many private sectors, as well as in the government sector. For example, the department of defense cannot afford to have weaknesses in their IT security system, because there are many malicious intruders, such as ISIS, that would love to get their dirty paws on our government’s top secret information (Belovich, S. 2010).
I was one of the system administrators at the State Department for a few years, and it was insane all the security clearances that someone has to have to work there. However, I was fortunate to already have my top secret clearance from the US Marines and all they had to do is transfer this DOD clearance to theirs. Even though this was a good job and excellent work experience, the stress levels were always high for me. For example, before I went home, I made sure that I reviewed all the reports and took all the necessary preventive steps in order to make sure that the system was not hacked....

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...upgrading their anti-virus software, or downloading the latest security patches for the network. Today, a system administrator has bigger responsibilities that involve taking care of the network at a bigger scale. Some of these duties are:
1. To monitor the system for any suspicious activity (Stewart, J. 2014).
2. Make sure that the network’s security policies and firewall is properly configured (Stewart, J. 2014).
3. Make sure that employees or users only have the allowed authorized access to the system’s data (Stewart, J. 2014).
4. Implement security policies on the network server’s operating system (e.g. Make sure every user changes his password every 60 days) (Stewart, J. 2014).
5. Coordinate with board of directors or high leaders of the company, of any necessary upgrades, or new designs for the current IT network security infrastructure (Stewart, J. 2014).

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