Essay on Computer Usage Of Middle School Children

Essay on Computer Usage Of Middle School Children

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Computer Usage in Middle Schools
Middle school children typically ages 10-14 are quickly becoming acclimated to technological devices such as cell phones, video games, laptop computers and tablets. But are we truly helping our children by allowing the usage of these items in classroom settings? Is the use of computers in classrooms truly enhancing the students’ knowledge or is it simply a misappropriation of State funding? In this paper, I will attempt to prove that while technology usage in schools can be beneficial in some ways, it is more than anything an unnecessary and detrimental tool in the hands of middle school age children.
First let’s take a look at the increase in spending on technology and how it reduces spending in other areas. The school’s amount of state aid is determined by this equation: WADA (Student Attendance) X SAT (Target funding per student) X DVM (Localized Cost of Living adjustment) – Local Effort = State Aid. ( WADA measures the highest number of students each district has in attendance during the current year and the two years prior. It adds weighting factors for students who cost the district more money to provide an education to, such as, students who qualify for free and reduced lunches, those who receive special education services and those with language barriers who require assistance with translation. This does not help the district when the formula is applied if students who receive these special services are low in number, but rather it provides schools with higher levels of this type of student with more funding and the smaller schools must make adjustments. Also, if the WADA or Weighted Average Daily Attendance is lower than set threshold amounts, the district suffers yet again beca...

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...d be in their best interests until they are of high school age or beyond. We as parents all want what is best for our children and do not want to see them fall behind, however, exposure to computers at the middle school level is simply too soon. Allow them to develop socially in person rather than through chat rooms or websites. Putting actual books in our children’s hands and making sure they know how to read and comprehend what is written will serve them better in the future than being able to turn on and have a book read to them or a mathematical equation worked through for them.
It is our job as educators and parents to equip our children with the necessary life skills to survive in today’s world. While computers play a huge part of that, we do our children a dis-service by allowing them to become “dumbed down” by technology that keeps getting smarter every day.

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