Computer Technology And Its Effect On Society Essay

Computer Technology And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Of all of the things that have developed and progressed over the many years, nothing has progressed so vivaciously and so rapidly as that of computer technology. Manifesting in the 1970s, personal computers as well as computer technology in general has accomplished leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. Nowadays in the 2010s it is nigh impossible to imagine a time when we couldn’t just reach into our pockets and produce a fully functional, highly efficient computer. This way of being, while having many benefits, has lead to other more unforeseen consequences. Namely, the fact that these selfsame computers have been turned against their users as the government’s and other large organization’s digital ‘eyes’ of sorts.

To begin, Bruce Schneier in his article “The Internet is a Surveillance State” states that the Internet is being used as a means to monitor the populace be it for political purposes or for corporate marketing reasons. As a computer user myself (who can manage not to be in this era?) and from the experiences I’ve had using the Internet, I have no choice but to agree with Schneier that the Internet is indeed a surveillance state. Just from the simple fact that the incessant ads that adorn the boarders of nearly every website will adjust to what ever your recent searches have been. For instance, in October I had searched for a few yard decorations and for the next month every ad had become an ad for Halloween decorations pertaining to the kind I had searched. I had only searched once.

This event with ads monitoring what you search is minor compared to what the government is able to do with the information that you place on the Internet. I know from experience that law firms can acquire Fa...

... middle of paper ...

...had gone to a more minimalistic government-supporting governor or moderate American journalist and stayed in America to face his actions I would be more inclined to view him in a better light.

At the end of the day though, it’s up to us as individuals what we expose on the Internet. As much as I would like to see a smaller, less intrusive government I don’t see this becoming reality in the foreseeable future. Once that it realized, all we can do is monitor ourselves and our digital activities while always keeping in mind that what I’m doing can be used against me. Hopefully, the government will eventually reign in their reach into people’s lives but until that day comes, let’s be weary of what we say and post. All I hope is that some terrorist activities are prevented through this personal intrusion, though recent events would seem to indicate otherwise.

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