Essay about Computer Simulation Models Of Cells

Essay about Computer Simulation Models Of Cells

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Advances in science and technology have changed the world that we see and live in. Discoveries that were only science fiction are now a reality and continue to develop in order to improve and make the world a better place. Advancements in the field of molecular biology have steered to a better understanding of biological organisms at a cellular level. From the discovery of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) from jelly fish Aequorea Victoria, to invention of advanced microscopes and in vitro biological assays that could replicate various functions of cells and tissues are just a few examples that have led to the development of the field of cell biology. Imaging technologies have helped explain and visualize various complex cellular structures and to study various protein interactions, monitoring cells and molecules in real time.
Logistically, without the use of the imaging tools and the technology, replicating the cellular behavior, culturing of cells and other in vivo functions can be a time consuming and a costly experiment. The computer simulation models of cells can help accelerate the biological process without worrying about the replicating the cellular environment in vitro and eliminating several hurdles of understanding the processes, one of which being contamination. Scientists have developed whole cell simulation of an organism and can replicate every possible cellular function as a computer program. This helps in discovering processes, interactions, and many other functions which are safer and quick than real experiments. These cell simulation models have complete sets of parameters in terms of measurable quantification values, intracellular control mechanisms can be integrated to the cell level parameters and thereby...

... middle of paper ... failures to be able to predict the outcome of a drug candidate in the discovery phases, thereby focusing on only promising candidates and ultimately reducing the cost of drug development. The market of biological cell simulation is topped by North America followed by Europe and Asia. North America accounts for one third of the cell simulation market. Europe follows the market with fastest growing contributors to cell simulation with its growth potential endorsed by its regulatory bodies that help promote new technologies of drug discovery and development. Lack of infrastructure and skilled labor hinders the potential of Asia in biological cell simulation market.
The major contributors to the market includes Accelrys, ACD labs, CCG, Certara, Entelos, Genedata, LeadScope, Optimata, Rhenovia, Schrodinger, Simulation Plus and many others (Market and Markets, 2012).

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