Essay on Computer Security Policy And Assurance Of Policy Implementation

Essay on Computer Security Policy And Assurance Of Policy Implementation

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Computer Security
Computer security is an important issue and threats to the computer must be countered through various access controls and safety measures. Authorized accesses, avoidance of malicious software, prevention of applications from hackers are the steps that make a system secure. The fundamentals of computer security include an understanding of security policy stating laws, practices and regulations to manage and protect sensitive information. Enforcing a devised security policy and assurance of policy implementation are other important aspects of computer security. Computer security has various characterizations. First comes the information technology (IT) security based on three key points: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Confidentiality refers to maintain the secrecy of any information. Integrity deals with the management of unauthorized alteration of information and availability refer the anticipation of unauthorized maintenance of information. These form a part of larger security threats that are discussed in detail later in the paper. Computer security is an important issue that needs tackling at all levels and the threats to PCs increases by each passing day (Paulauskas, and Garsva, 84).
The paper aims to study the security threats to personal computers. The security threats, policies, and appropriate security mechanisms are discussed to understand the threat. The paper discusses the background of security threats and then details some of the procedures and security mechanisms for personal computers.
Security Threats
There are four kinds of security threats, Interception, Interruption, Modification, and Fabrication.
Interception is an unauthorized access to data. Interception occurs w...

... middle of paper ...

...xt stage after successful authentication is Authorization. Authorization ensures that right people access only those sections of the computer system that they are allowed to access. For example, an administrator might be authorized to install new programs on a computer while a user can only view, access or play those programs but cannot modify. Another example is access to records in a database system (Paulauskas and Garsva, 87).
Auditing is an important activity in computer security as it keeps a trace of what all sections and data a user or a client accessed. Auditing is not a protection mechanism against security threats, but it is extremely useful for the purpose of analysis and investigation in the event of a security breach. Audit logs also provide a basis for modifications and enhancements to security policies and identification of attackers (Bishop).

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