Computer Science is in My DNA Essay

Computer Science is in My DNA Essay

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At a young age I started to questions stuff, at that time it didn’t seem like it to me but technology and I started bonding and thus begin the journey of curiosity, knowledge and my future.
I grew up in a time where technology was barely advancing, and only the wealthy were able to afford it. I come from a middle class family; in Mexico we only had one stereo and one television that was the only technology I knew. Strangely and without knowing technology was grabbing my attention. I remember the first time my uncle gave me a cassette it contain Disney song. I looked at the cassette flip it back and forward and even read the little words, a couple of minutes later my uncle found me singing and wonder how I manage to put the cassette in. My family was in shock I was only 5 years old and I wasn’t allowed to touch the stereo. It didn’t take me long before I figure how to work the whole stereo, especially when I learned to connect my microphone and was able to sing non-stop.
This natural talent and curiosity I started developing eventually turned into me being an independent problem solver. That same year, when I was still 5 my mom sent me a computer I can still remember the huge box filled with green peanuts and inside there was another box with a picture of the computer. My uncle put it together and told me what it was I was amazed by it I thought it was a TV. The problem was that everything was in English. The box was in English, the instructions, the screen text, the sounds it made, etc. I only knew Spanish and how to say hello, goodbye, some numbers and the color pink. My uncle would install the games it came with since he didn’t understand it either. I was frustrated because all I saw was a rabbit talking and talking and wait...

... middle of paper ... on the Internet she was surprised it looked like a regular laptop on the outside but on the inside it was a new computer. I had solved the problem one last time. I had turned a windows laptop to function and looked like a Mac computer. It’s been a habit of mine to look for technology, examine it, understand it, and change it. I might not have the resources to keep up with technology but for a fact I know no matter how it evolves that connection that I have with technology will help me understand it.
I know now for a fact it’s my destiny to major in computer science, it’s probably in my DNA. This talent I have developed not only will help me understand technology, but also expand my knowledge as technology expands. I want to push technology and pass whatever human has ever thought of. The only way for me to do that is become part of the computer science group.

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