Essay about Computer Science : Becoming A Successful Engineer

Essay about Computer Science : Becoming A Successful Engineer

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Statement of Purpose

Several projects during undergraduate study in electronic and communication made me realize the potential of computer science because I used algorithms and programming languages like Mat lab, C++ for solving the problems. The ever-increasing application of computer science fascinated me very much. So, I joined Texas State University for graduate studies with major computer science. I have made strong foundation in Electronic and communication engineering during my undergraduate study. Now, I believe that the study of computer science will nourish my acquired knowledge and provide expertise in problem solving and programming skills.
When I was in higher secondary school, physics was one of the most mesmerizing subject to me. I had excitement to go deeper into my subject of interest that motivated me for setting goals to become a successful engineer. I had keen interest for learning new ideas and inner desire to reach a degree of excellence.
The cost of studying engineering was not affordable for me but, my interest, determination, and hardworking fetched me full scholarship in Pokhara University, competing out of more than 1000 students all over Nepal. I got opportunity to boost my confidence, show creativity in the field of electronic engineering. I had made firm foundation in subjects like microprocessor, computer networks, digital logic, C, and C++ programming language. As my propensity towards embedded system designing, electronic devices and control system, I started to design my own system doing minor project: “PC based Telephone Billing System” and major project: “Automatic Telephone Monitoring System”. I had self-motivation to learn programming skills for doing projects which helped me to enhance my c...

... middle of paper ... expertise in problem solving, algorithm design and analysis, and programming in different language. My ultimate goal is to pursue a research career in industry and academic field. I believe that this computer science program will provide me necessary platform to achieve my ultimate goal and make my research ability matured.
I have learned through the website that the SWE empowers women to succeed at every stage of their personal development and professional careers. Furthermore, awarding scholarship will provide motivation towards the excellence in my career field. I want to converge my interest more precisely in information security and software development.
I am eager to do hard work to accomplish my goal. I hope that my innate interest, dedication, competence, sincerity, and motivation will help me to get scholarship from SWE.

Yours Sincerely,
Rabita Raya

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