Computer Networks : Business Applications Essay

Computer Networks : Business Applications Essay

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1.0 – Introduction:

The chapter begins with a brief introduction to the coming of age of the computer network – which is a collection of autonomous computers interconnected by a single technology. It also details how each of the last few centuries has been dominated mainly by the introduction of a single new technology. Overall, it specifies what this book will entail, networking information, while mentioning several high-level topics we will go over – much like the World Wide Web.

1.1 – Uses of Computer Networks:

Section 1.1 provides us with a fairly broad look at the current and potential uses for computer networks. In other words, it addresses why we care about such systems in the first place. The author seeks to address four major areas of use for networks: business applications, home applications, mobile users, and lastly social issues that arise when dealing with such interconnected networks.
After the brief introduction, they open by talking about the business applications of computer networks. To summarize, they mainly address how companies have developed a need to be able to share resources across their entire company. This can include things like printers, digital files, databases, and other digital and physicalized objects. Networks have allowed companies to escape the geological boundaries that were ever-present in the past. Now, they are able to communicate with branches nearly instantaneously all over the world. This is accomplished using things like VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) which can be used to join individual networks into on extended network.
Next, they talk about home applications. In this area, the writer talks about how the internet has opened many doors for individuals at home. For example, they disc...

... middle of paper ...

... connection, uses the connection, and then releases the connection. On the flip side, connectionless service carries the full address and then travels through the intermediate nodes in the system independent of all subsequent messages. Next up, we are introduced to service primitives which are a set of operations available that are created to access the network. Primitives consist of operations like listen, connect, accept, receive, send, and disconnect. Such primitives can be used for a request-reply interaction with a client-server environment.
At the end of this section, the author details the relation of services to protocols, or more so how both are different concepts. Namely, a service handles the interface between two layers. The protocol sets the rules governing the format and meaning of the packets between transfers. Understanding this difference is crucial.

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