Essay on Computer Navigation And The Navigation Industry

Essay on Computer Navigation And The Navigation Industry

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Paratech is a new company in the navigation industry, which uses an independent quadcopter to capture and analyze aerial survey data. In a short period of time the company has made a name for itself since it’s a first of its kind offering a navigation to aerial survey data, which is a much needed device due to the ever changing world we live in. Navigation companies are popping up everywhere, each offering a specialty to set themselves apart. Partech’s vision is to offer world-wide solutions to enhance resources, improve performances, and secure operations via the analysis and the handling of aerial data assimilated by navigations. Paratech has originated a technique that will assist in the search for unknown areas that offer space for several uses that will assist with space-sharing.
Paratech will work with high-precision navigation systems, technology that is far stronger than many consumer-grade global positioning systems, which are typically accurate to within three to five meters. Paratech will also focus on working with autonomous navigation and robotics projects, according to previous company job listings, as well as projects for the Defense Department.
Paratech’s goal is to provide access to cutting-edge sources so that we may endeavor to customize paradigm-shift deliverables. This company will strive to make a market friendly navigation; however the product will be above set standards to ensure its continued need and use. Technology Integrator and developer, Paratech put a wide-ranging fleet of navigations at its clients’ disposal. Paratech provides advanced solutions in three major sectors, government-funded constructions of which include network infrastructure construction, PublicWorks, precision farming. The results o...

... middle of paper ... related to sales. In fact, variable costs change with sales. As sales go up, so do variable costs. As sales go down, variable costs go down. Variable costs are costs of labor or materials that change with sales. One way for a company to save money is to reduce its variable costs. Sometimes, calculating variable costs is as simple as looking at your costs of goods sold on your income statement.
Paratech will lead the industry in drone navigation systems all while maintaining fair and reasonably priced items for both government and private sector pricing. Starting a business can be overwhelming, but Paratech will focus on both building a steady business and ensuring that are cost and pricing variables are set and understood to continue to have a successful business. The drone navigation is industry could prove profitable for Paratech if the focus remains in place.

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