Essay on Computer Memory And The Random Access Memory

Essay on Computer Memory And The Random Access Memory

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Computer memory refers to any physical device that has the ability of storing information either permanently or temporarily. For instance, the Random Access Memory (RAM) is a volatile memory that has the ability of storing information on various integrated circuits that are used by not only the operating system, but also by the hardware and software. In essence, there are two major types of computer memory namely Read Only Memory (ROM) and the Random Access Memory (RAM). ROM refers to smallest parts of a computer system’s silicon or solid state memory which is not only fixed in size, but also permanently stores or keeps the instructions of the manufacturer upon switching on a computer. On the other hand, RM refers to the larger part of a computer memory that comprises of floppies, DVD, CD, and hard disk which are together referred to as secondary storage and which are employed or applied in both running of programs as well as archiving of relevant data. It is prudent to note that computer memory can either be volatile and non-volatile (Tanenbaum & Austin, 2012).
Volatile memory implies to memory that loses its contents when the hardware or the computer looses power and a good example is the RAM. On the other hand, non-volatile memory refers to computer memory which keeps or stores its contents even when the power gets lost. A good example of a non-volatile memory is the Erasable Programmable Memory (EPROM). Computer memory is used when one loads any program on the computer, the memory allows such programs to effectively communicate at high speeds with the processor. There exists different types of computer memory chips and some of the most common types include the DDR2 RAM, and the DDR4 RAM. EDO RAM , SDRAM ,DDR R...

... middle of paper ... people will have to resort to some other thing that is smaller in order to write on. Researchers say that such a thing will be the size and design of a molecule and even an atom. In order to effectively read data from such a memory, a red laser will be shown on a “page of data) that has a photosensitive receptor which is placed at the back of the memory module.
Fig. 1.3 an Example of a Molecular Memory


Based on the above information, it can truly be ascertained that the development of computer memory coupled with their functions are not yet over and the world and society should brace for more technologically inventions in this field. Future inventions ought to be aimed at bringing more harm to computer and general users rather than destruction.

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