Essay about Computer Language : The Inner Workings Of Computers

Essay about Computer Language : The Inner Workings Of Computers

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Programming languages are the inner workings of computers, enabling them to accomplish all the amazing things they do today. From the apps on a phone, to the video games on a desktop, and even the operation of microwaves, computers are a major part of our everyday lives. Their languages are separated into five generations determined mostly by a specific radical innovation at the end of a time period that expands from the previous generation; however, these innovations are unique in that new generations don’t cause the previous generations to become obsolete. Generally labeled as levels of computer language, the generation of a computer language often determines how close to machine language (binary) it is, or how the higher and more recent generations are to human thought or speech. Specifically, in order from first generation to last, the five generations are broken down into; machine language, assembly language, high level language, languages involving databases, and languages involving AI. The more advanced programming languages become, the more important it is to understand the lower levels because of the dependence of the seeming uncomplicated code of high level language on the seemingly redundant logic of the lower levels. The technology and events starting from the 1930s leading up to modern day has changed what we think computers can do, enabling society to evolve with our increasingly complex machines.
The first generation, machine language, is the base binary language that all future generations must be broken down into for the computer to “understand,” or more accurately, process. Basically, computers can only work off of the information of a set of “switches” that are on or off, and if we divide a large amount ...

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... more advancements. Eventually, with the presence of AI and self-learning, it could even be possible somewhere down the road that computers could surpass human ability. Maybe the sixth generation of computer languages would allow machines to write their own code, much like how machines build other machines now. People and media have already speculated on how far is too far for the development and implementation of computers in our daily lives with movies such as The Terminator(1984) and The Net(1995). The values of people now have been changed and defined by technology in ways people in the 20th century may not have been able to imagine or even condone. However, this change may be just the side-effect of people’s exposure to new things. The world is getting smaller, the choice of how people want or can live is getting wider, and that may not be such a bad thing.

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