Computer Forensics And Their Uses Of Live Box And Dead Box Analysis Essay

Computer Forensics And Their Uses Of Live Box And Dead Box Analysis Essay

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In today 's world, people must keep up with technology in order to conduct their daily routines. Technological advances now allow people to remain in the comfort of their homes while they carry out everything from ordering groceries from the store or videoconferencing with someone around the world can be done electronically. Since its beginnings in the 1990s, people use the Internet in their everyday lives, they rely on it for a safe and accurate exchange of information on a global scale. Personal data such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and passwords are constantly traveling from one computer to another. With security measures in place to protect this sort of information online, most people feel safe on the Internet and trust that their personal information will remain confidential. Unfortunately, criminals have adapted to advancements in technology and as a result of it a vast number of people are becoming vulnerable of crimes committed over the Internet. Thus there is now an increasing demand for computer forensics and their use of live box and dead box analysis.
According to AVM Technology, “computer forensics or digital forensics refers to the collection of evidence from digital computers, laptops, smart phones, and memory storage devices. This collection process must be performed utilizing a sound methodology so that the evidence could be admissible in a legal setting (2016)”. Failure to follow proper procedures may affect the admissibility and reliability of digital evidence. A computer forensics expert can recover computer evidence even if it has been hidden, encrypted, or deleted. A forensics expert must conduct the analysis in a manner that will preserve, identify, extract, document and interpret compu...

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...hain-of-custody reasons and may be needed in litigation. Correspondingly, Cummings’ research shows that, “Binary forensics can be used to identify behavioral capabilities of a specific piece of software (2008)”. This is an excellent way for the computer forensic to determine the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a specific application or piece of malware. Furthermore, the computer forensic is provided with the means to explain to the jury what it is that the suspect did to make him or her guilty.
Live-box computer forensics should now play a role in each and every computer forensic investigation. The runtime information found in memory could be critical to many types of investigations. Dead-box and live-box forensics are complementary. When they are used together, the investigator will gain a more complete set of evidence for any cyber investigation.

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