Computer Definitions and Terminology

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1. Computer- A collection of electro-magnetic devices that work together in order to accomplish a certain task through given instructions. It can be used for both productivity and entertainment purposes.
2. Hardware- Electronic devices that make up the physical aspects of computer. Each component specialize in doing certain actions, yet needs the other devices in order to work properly. Ex. Graphic cards process graphics but needs the memory unit in order to store temporary data made from processing.
3. Peopleware- The people using the computer for various purposes, whether for work, entertainment or simply making new software to be used in the computer.
4. Software- Instructions given for the computer to follow. They are made of data in which the computer recognize. It is the virtual aspect of a computer.
5. Application Software- Software that is not necessary for the computer to work, yet may provide better usability and efficiency for the people to use, as well as improving the welfare of the computer. They may be used for various applications, such as for office (ex. MS Office), maintenance(ex. CCleaner), facilitate in the transfer of data(ex. Bittorrent) or simply for gaming(ex. Torchlight). It is dependent on the system software it would run.
6. System Software- Software that are necessary for the computer to run. The operating system is an example of an system software, although on closer inspection, it is actually composed of various system software necessary for the computer. These tasks include registry editing, writing files to storage, allocation of resources to different applications and Graphic user interface for the Users to navigate.

7. CPU- The Central Processing Unit of the computer. It is one of the three most important hardware needed for the computer to run. It basically process given information and data into more refine and desired form.

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It was originally used mainly for portable calculators (hence the name computer), which they still do today along with more complex instructions from the programming language used. But due to the advancement of computer research, most CPU today are 1000 times more powerful than the first CPU 40 years ago.
8. MU- The Memory Unit of the computer. It is the one of the three most important components needed to run a computer.
They come in 2 types: 1. Data storage- Used to store large amount of data considerably long time. It suffers a much slower data access compared to RAM in order to prevent data corruption. It uses magnetism to store data.
2. RAM- Random-Access Memory in the computer. It is used for short term storage, such as graphic processing data and temporary files, due to it’s extremely fast data access. It erases these data after the computer is shut off.
9. CU- The Control Unit of the computer. It is the last of the three most important components for a working computer. They control and manage the processes of the devices connected to it. It is commonly integrated in motherboards.
10. ALU- Arithmetic Logic Unit found in the computer. It is a necessary component in the CPU, as it compute Arithmetic and Logical operations given by the computer.

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