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Every business from the small auto shop in our neighborhood to a big national corporations are worried about the same thing, keeping sensitive data safe, either by storing the physical paper work in a secure room or by strengthening computer security measures. Data needs to be handling with care and monitored all the time to make sure that the integrity of files has not been corrupted. Plus, data collected and stored in serves needs to be protected from any type of disaster either physically or electronically.
In the article by “Help! Somebody save our files! How to handle and prevent the most common data disasters.” The article starts by giving us an example of a company who suffered a common problem, a power failure cause by a third party that lasted for more than a day. But, this did not affect the function ability of the company, since most of their equipment was laptops and backups to all computers were done daily. Something we all should do regardless of the size of the business or even personal files. In other cases many companies haven’t been so lucky, since no one expects to have power failure or in the worst cases a natural disaster data can be lost without the proper precautions. There are different types of data disasters and this article gives us some examples on how to handle and prevent these common IT catastrophes. Data disasters can occurr when you least expected for instance, your laptop, USB drive being stolen or lost. In case of a laptop is stolen. When a laptop has been stolen the company or employer by law has to notify all their customers. But, what can you do? How to respond in this situation? To start you could install a GPS track device for a fee every month. Another option is to report the la...

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... a malicious software code design to be activated when a user restarts the computer with the purpose to disrupt a company’s infrastructure or destroy its data. Companies usually guard their systems from outside threats such as cracker, hackers or even a natural disaster but following establishing policies. But, in some cases, former employees are able to access the company’s network and use their account or use equipment. A simple solution would be to, manage and monitor constantly the company’s network, as soon as someone is going to be let off, cancel their accounts, change their passwords, make them turn in all their equipment, and current employees limit their accounts, implement monitoring systems. Having a good management policy in place with standards to follow will limit the possibility for former or current employees from attacking the company or customers.

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