Computer Building Project

Computer Building Project

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Computer Building Project

The objective for this assignment was to build a cost effective computer system. Our instructions were to use the Internet another sources to research and price different computer types and then compile that information in the following report. Students were given the option to either use a budget of $500 to purchase all the components necessary for a standard computer, or use a budget of $1,000 to purchase components necessary to build a gaming computer. We chose to build a standard computer with an Intel Central Processing Unit (CPU) to facilitate basic computer use needs.

The first item we purchased was our motherboard, which we found on for the price of $169.99. The dimensions are 9.6” by 8.6”. This piece of equipment is bundled with sound, video, and all input/output ports. It is an Intel Desktop Board DDG31PR Classic Series Motherboard. An Intel two-quad processor is included on with the motherboard, in addition to an Intel Core two-duo processor. This component offers high-definition audio with the support of 5.1 integrated surround sound. The motherboard comes with a Realtek ALC888 audio codec which supports high quality audio up to six channels. It has one audio out jack, line in jack, and microphone jack. The video chipset is an Intel GMA3100. The processor speed is 2.0 gigahertz. The processor interface has a Socket 775 design. This design makes the process of upgrading the processor more feasible. It has an Allendale processor core. The processor has a cache size of 1 MB L2. The processor’s bus speeds range from 800 megahertz to 1333 megahertz. The Intel G31 Express Northbridge chipset connects to the CPU and allows it to interface with the RAM. The Intel ICH7 Southbridge chipset is connected to the Northbridge chipset. The motherboard comes with 1MB of DDR RAM, and the maximum memory supported is 4GB-32 bit. It can use 667Mhz DDR2 or 800Mhz DDR2. There are two DIMM sockets that use a 240-pin DDR2. The IDE supports Ultra DMA 33 and ATA 66/100/133. This design includes eight USB ports, version 2.0. The data transfer rate for the USB ports is 480 Mbps. The motherboard uses Serial ATA technology that helps to accelerate bus speeds and disk performance. It has four SATA power headers and 124-pin power connector.

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The warranty on this item is 36 months (for parts and labor). We chose this motherboard because we felt that the bundle features were extremely good for the price.

The next item that we purchased was the computer case. We found the case on for a price of $45.99. The dimensions are 16” by 6.8” by 14.5”. The case is a MicroATX MiniTower. It is a simple, black metal case, which has a 350w power supply, 80mm rear fan, and a side air duct included. The case houses two 5.25” drive bays (external), two floppy disk drive bays (external), and two hard disk dive bays (internal). On the front panel you will find an air vent, along with two vertical Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports two audio ports. On the rear of the case you will find four expansion slots along with an open rear input/output panel. The case supports a MicroATX motherboard. There is no warranty on this case, but we did not mind because it is so basic. We agreed upon this design because not only did it prove to be cost effective, but it was a rare find out of the many cases that we browsed that had an open input/output panel are that would facilitate the dimensions of our motherboard bundle, which has a very unique design because of shape of the sound and video card included on the motherboard.

The next item purchased was our hard drive package, which we found on for a price of $41.99. The hard drive is a Seagate ST3200820AS and has 200 GB of storage space. This drive also uses Serial ATA interface which helps to increase data transfer speeds; for this drive, 3 GB per second. The hard drive comes with a 180-day direct warranty. Our computer is only going to be used for basic functions so we chose this hard drive because it contains a sufficient amount of memory for a reasonable price.

Th next item we selected was a CD drive which we found on for a price of $14.99. The cache size is 2MB. The width of the drive is 5.7” and the height is 1.6”. The CD drive has an audio balance system that helps to reduce vibration and noise. It has an Easy-Tray design for either vertical or horizontal use. The CD drive has a speed of 52x and has pure CAV technology. The unique feature about this CD drive is that it does not use belts as a connecting device; it does not come with any software or cables. The drive supports plug and play configuration, with the intent to increase reliability and eliminate issues that may be caused by broken or loose belts.

The total amount it cost to build our computer was $272.96. It is our recommendation to others interested in building their own computers to be cost-conscious. In addition, it is an added bonus to have a plan before you start and a reasonable budget in mind.
Item Cost
Motherboard $169.99
Computer Case $45.99
Hard Drive $41.99
CD Drive $14.99
You do not have to spend a hefty amount of money to have an effective computer system. If you start out with the basics, you will be able to “splurge” on other items with the money you have saved (see pictures below: acrylic case or widescreen monitor).

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