Computer And Floor Plan Analysis Essay

Computer And Floor Plan Analysis Essay

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Once the game is complete there is an endless mode that becomes available which uses the last level’s room, and endless waves of enemies come, slowly getting harder. Besides stealth there are no other special modes that the levels need to be designed for. As for the list of items that are needed, I’m sure that concept Art and floor plan, plus the required assets should already be listed though previously sections pictures, and will be listed further Under “Required Assets”
Presidents Room: This being the first room the player sees (Not interacted with, as this place is only for the introduction scene, cut scenes and the ending of the game.) The layout closely flowers the layout of the white house overall office. This office is oval instead of being quadrilateral, with 3 Doors leading into the room. One of the doors is a wooden white door and has “President Dux” on a gold plark on the outer side, while the other 2 doors are glass doors.
It also has several giant windows on one half of the room, along with a bookcase built into the wall. The interior is of course mostly white with a dome ceiling with fancy detail, the floor on the other hand has a skirt of hard floor with carpet in the center with has the President emblem in the center embedded into the carpet. On the other side of the room is another built in book case as well as a fire place, with a painting hanging over the mantel.
The furniture consist of 6 Fancy Chairs placed around the room, 2 cushion chairs, 2 Fancy couches placed around the coffee table near the fire place. Next some (2 or 3) side tables placed around the room, along with a fancy large wooden desk with a plark saying (President Dux) near the large windows, with its Own fancy office...

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...left, right, or straight to the 2 story building. Left leads to a lecture theatre, containing 80-100 chairs, a large fancy desk down the bottom and a large white screen. To the right is the captain Office, there is another large fancy desk with office chair, 2 table, 2 side tables, 2 normal chairs, 5 File Cabinets and several file and books throughout the room, a few files on the desk along with a few pens.
Straight ahead from the reception is the 2 story building, this is the living quarters, when the soldiers are not home, or training (Camping). Here you access the Basement. This living area is a lot like a high security prison style rooms, the center is open on both floors, with Railing protecting people falling on the second floor. Player can go up floor via stairs to the North and south of the building; each living area consists of a door and bunk bed, 30 rooms.

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