Computational Thinking Is A Way Of Solving Problems Essay

Computational Thinking Is A Way Of Solving Problems Essay

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Computational thinking is a way of solving problems. Computational thinking is a fundamental part of the way people think and understand the world. Everyone uses computational thinking every day e.g. when you wake up you think of going to the bathroom or to the kitchen. Computational thinking is used to help solve problems, before any problem can be resolved you need to understand it first. Once the problem is understood we develop ways of solving it. There are four corner stones of computational thinking, one is decomposition, two is pattern recognition, three is pattern generalisation & abstraction and fourth is algorithms.

Decomposition is one of the cornerstones when it comes to computer science. Decomposition is breaking down a problem or system into smaller, more manageable parts that can be solved or fixed separately. An example of this would be a software company having a team that work on the same project all together but working on different parts at the same time to get it completed in a much faster rate. Problems are much easier to understand once they are split apart e.g. if you wanted to know how a car works it would take a much longer time if it was all built, however, if the car was split into different parts you would understand how it works quicker and most importantly easier.

• Identifying and describing problems and processes
Before programmers can solve a problem, they must identify what the problem is, this can be done by testing the system. After the system is tested and the problem has been identified the next step is to find out how the problem can be solved. An example of this would be if a computer or program/application isn’t working then a programmer would run diagnostics to see what ...

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...are different types of repeated processes. One type is the most basic and it’s when a set of instructions is repeated a certain amount of times, this type is most commonly used. The other type is where the code is continuously on a loop until an escape clause is met.

• Inputs

Inputs include: keyboard, mouse, webcam, microphone or touchscreen. They add data into programs or computer systems. A programmer could input information to steer a sprite or type an answer using a keyboard or mouse. A sensor could input data into a system to give the distance of an object.

• Outputs

Output is the opposite of input; A computer program would output information specifically for the user to see or hear, it could be done through text on a screen like a text message, sound from speakers an example for this would be music, or it could be rumble/vibrations on a handheld controller.

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