Essay on Compstat and the Police

Essay on Compstat and the Police

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Compstat has improved policing ever since it was introduced in the 1990s. Compstat is a system that is used by police agencies to reduce crime as well as achieving other departmental goals. Some of department goals are developing good relationship with the community as well as empowering commanders together with their subordinates. It focuses on sharing information, responsibility, fostering accountability, as well as improving tactics used to solve crime. Although, it has also been criticized for been incompatible with the community, inflexible and undermining some goals of policing, it is still acknowledged as an important organizational development in policing during the latter half of the 20th century (BJA, police executive research forum, compstat, 2010).
In 1994, the performance driven process (compstat) was first introduced by Police Commissioner William Bratton. He aimed to use compstat as a model to help reduce crime in New York City. Compstat process was adopted to be the blueprint in reducing crime while emphasizing on accountability at different levels within the police organization, it empowers commanders to be better leaders, and encourage better problem-solving skills. It is a method used by police agencies to analyze, rapidly identify problems along with finding solutions to problems (Eterno and Silverman, 2005).
There are four main principles of the compstat process including accurate and timely intelligence, rapid deployment of resources, effective tactics and relentless follow-up. Accurate and timely intelligence is the part of the process that entails obtaining correct data on crime incidents. Essentially officers are required to give a report on crime. This report should be able to inform others office...

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... to protect their rights.

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