Comprehensive Thinking Behind Langston Hughes

Comprehensive Thinking Behind Langston Hughes

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Comprehensive Thinking Behind Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes paint a picture of himself, as he goes on to thirteen in church but finds himself directly reflecting on mans own instinctive behavior for obedience. A congregation who wants him to go up and get saved, gives into obedience and goes to the altar as if he has seen the light of the Holy Spirit itself. "won't you come? Wont you come to jesus? Young lambs, wont you come?" As the preacher stilling there with open arms, girls crying, kids standing that they have felt the power force of the holy spirit through there body. There, Langston, sits not feeling anything but himself sitting in a hot church waiting for this unknown pheumona to come and touch his inner soul only to find out that the Holy Spirit isn't coming for him at all.
The persona of the short story includes a young boy that lies to his church about feeling god through his soul. Hughes feels that betrayal of his family and the church itself and is a very scared boy of the actions that might be waiting for him.
Hughes essay would be described in the process of telling the story in a meditative style of writing. Hughes doesn't go into a fine comb with the detail but does give the basic picture to try and paint in your head. But the thought process that is shown in the story line is very free flowing. Hughes tries not to make an agurment or even make it logical. But as the story goes on you find out that he kind of uses foreshoding method to make you think about the story after reading it. He doesn't want to perment picture in your mind but let the reader itself paint a picture in there minds using there own paintbush as they go on. He wants you to feel like you want. He wants you to be you. The Essay itself is telling you through the story, why would he do that?As the story pregesses on, It goes on making you think what if he had not lied to the church but would have gone with his obedience and not look for others to follow. But as the story goes on and the story gets to the end. You realize that the character that once lied to a crowd at the church to be maturing in his own way to figure out what he did was wrong.

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But not blame himself for what is wrong as a whole but to break it down further then that and make you think, maybe he was sorry for not listening to himself? Why not sit there and take the emotional beating that his aunt was doing when she was on her knees praying for Langston to find Jesus. Why not?
He gives up his own beliefs to try and make sure that people like him for what he felt and that he wasn't "that little lamb was left out in the cold". Hughes feels that betrayal of his family and the church itself scares Hughes out of his action that might be poured on the kid by his aunt and the others as they pray for him to feel Jesus.
The tone of the story is very mellow as you read it but as soon as you read it and finish it, its kind of funny to me. You look at this young man that is pretty much a rat in a cage with everyone sticking there fingers in the squares of the cage to try and get a poke at the rat. But in this istence the rat is Langston. You have all theses people that are overwhelming the kid to fill this holy spirit. How many people in that church room as sactaully felt jesus in there soul? Hughes gives a great example of his friends Westly " swinging his knickerbockered legs and grinning'? Did Westly really feeel Jesus too? Or was he traveling on the same boat as Hughes? Was his aunt trying to make it easier for Langston to show tears for him to understand that he doesn't need to feel Jesus but just pretend so they could get it over with? Itts very humorus to find people praying on there knees and thanking god when things go right. I not here to make fun or or critize anyones religion here. But when things go wrong in there lifes, are they thanking god then? Nope, didn't think so, but again there on there knees praying to him to make it better. Ironic? Indeed it might others think differently. Hughes feels that his expectations of salvation were set much higher then what reality is showing him as a boy. He figured that he went to the same church as his aunt that he would feel the same thing his aunt would, he would feel what they felt, he would believe
in god. But langstong doesn't. Hes a boy following his mother duckling. He now has found god didn't save him, so therefore didn't believe
in Jesus anymore. But instead of life going on to try and find salvation, he took as god didn't find him.
As Langston sits in bed crying, his aunt is assuming that he is happy for what he has felt during church and it overwhelmed by joy. But indeed not at all his crying for the reason that he feels sorry for letting everyone impact him to take the actions that he has taken. Some might say that when Langston lie in his bed the tears that are consist are his "salvation". Hes bad instienve behavor as left him to find his true views of life. He views the salvation as the same as he was when the precher was praying for him to find jesus.
"The most impacting quote by Mark S. Heim of the Christian Century that can correlate to Langston Hughes's "Salvation" is the Christian definition for salvation. Heim claims that salvation is "referring to a concretely Christian hope" and that it is "thoroughly blurred with the notion of some general positive possibility".
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