Essay about Comprehensive Sex Education In Schools

Essay about Comprehensive Sex Education In Schools

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Why should comprehensive sex education be allowed in schools? Should teens be exposed to comprehensive sex education? Sex education should be taught in school because it give children stable and accurate information , it informs them of the danger and diseases associated with sex, and it teaches them about safe sex options.
What is the meaning of comprehensive sex education? Is education about all matters relating to sexuality. What it teenage pregnancy? It is classified as any teen between the ages of 15-19 the gets pregnant. The statistics for teen pregnancy according to the CDC is whites, 24% for blacks, 27% for American Indian/Alaska Natives (AI/AN), and 34% for Hispanics.1 for15-19 year old teens in 2007 to 2011 only
If comprehensive sex education is offered at schools to children, it will allow them access to more information that if the parent tried to educate them. The reasons for this are that the teachers are specially trained to teach the children this information in a way that they can understand. Having this class at schools also provides the children with textbooks which offer even more things like drawings, diagrams and accurate information about sex education. Making sure teen have accurate information about sex important making sure that they are ready for sex instead of leaving them guessing or worst using inaccurate information.
Having comprehensive sex education in the schools gives teens safe place to discuss these issues in fact it has been shown that. Seeing that some teens are shy about asking the important questions from their parents, and the parents themselves are not always comfortable or brave enough to answer these questions which can be harmful the child. Having this be taught at the schools wil...

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