Essay about The Comprehensive Encyclical Written By Pope Francis

Essay about The Comprehensive Encyclical Written By Pope Francis

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The comprehensive encyclical written by Pope Francis I is principally a reminder to the global community that “nothing in this world is indifferent to us” (Francis, 1). In other words, we are not neutral beings living in this matrix without effect. Everything we do, each action we take is a political act. Our endeavors implicate our environment. Moreover, our endeavors are inextricably tied the well being of our fellow human. Humanity, Pope Francis I postulates, is interconnected and responsible for global ecological health.
The Pope argues in his encyclical that we are neglecting not only the physical world but our fellow man as well. Stewardship, therefore, is the responsibility of all mankind and encompasses all mankind and our “common home” as well (Francis, 4). With such an enormously broad call to action comes a daunting task—to heal the earth and to tend to the respect of one another. “All of us can cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation, each according to his or her own culture, experience, involvements and talents” (Francis, 5). With this statement he wittingly provokes everyone to work towards a common goal of restoring our common wealth. With groundbreaking insight, Pope Francis I elucidates the relationship between the fragility of the earth and the vulnerability of the worlds poor. Indeed, if those that have do not give attention to those who have not, who will? Despite being the head of the papal community, he brings all people and all creeds to the table and urges all to take part in worldwide healing and revival using poignant religious undertones and succinct scientific incentives.
When we fragment the encyclical various themes arise: pollution and climate change, the issue of water, loss of ...

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...s appreciation for our neighbors and improves global human relationships.
Adversely, despite the power and depth of 72 beautifully written pages, Pope Francis I fails to fully place blame on specific groups and entities that can unquestionably be held responsible for catastrophic amounts of global destruction such as fossil fuel companies. Understandably diplomatic in nature, this encyclical could have delivered more punch if it had named those responsible, in large part, for the situation we find ourselves in. Moreover, despite numerous, subtle, marxist critiques, Pope Francis fails to address capitalism as the foundational problem responsible for resource extraction, hunger, climate change, and so on. In summation, this encyclical is an immensely powerful document with great potential to guide humans toward a more healthful future for now and future generations.

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