Comprehensive Approach For Literacy Instruction Essay examples

Comprehensive Approach For Literacy Instruction Essay examples

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A comprehensive approach to literacy instruction is when reading and writing are integrated. This happens by connecting reading, writing, comprehension, and good children’s literature. A comprehensive approach to literacy should focus on the many different aspects of reading and writing in order to improve literacy instruction. This includes teachers supporting a comprehensive literacy instructional program by providing developmentally appropriate activities for children. Comprehensive literacy approaches incorporate meaning based skills for children by providing them with the environment needed for literacy experiences. This includes having a print rich classroom where children are exposed to charts, schedules, play related print, and where student’s writing is displayed. The teacher should read books to children often so students can interact with the teacher and other peers. Shared reading is also encouraged to help students learn the concept of the book and the concepts of the print. Projects are also meaning based skills that help children learn about literacy by linking reading and writing activities together coupled with the use of language. It is important to provide children with many opportunities to engage in meaningful reading and writing activities. Comprehensive literacy approaches incorporate skill based approaches with the use of early literacy instruction. There are five key elements children must learn in order to become successful at reading. The five key elements are one, Phonemic Awareness. This is when a teacher helps children to learn how to manipulate sounds in our language and this helps children to learn how to read. Phonemic Awareness can help to improve a student’s reading, and spelling. With this ...

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...amental literacy skills.
Some accommodations that could be made for students who have special needs that I learned about was


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