Essay about Compounds At Higher Temperature And Higher Pressure

Essay about Compounds At Higher Temperature And Higher Pressure

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compounds at higher temperature and higher pressure is exploited. Here the water would act as the pressure transmitting medium and solvent. Using water as the solvent would bring down the activation energy which would let the final phase form easily without using higher temperatures. Solution combustion method is a very simple and versatile method. Here different oxidising agents like metal nitrates and fuels like urea, glycine and hydrazine are used. In the polyol process ethylene glycol is used for synthesis of metals since it has very high boiling point and it is a strong reducing agent. In this process, the hydrolysis process could be carried out in a large temperature range till its boiling point.
However in this particular experiment, CuMn2O4 will be synthesised using co-precipitation method. Co-precipitation method is one of the most used as well as convenient methods for the synthesis of mixed metal oxides and other catalytic materials. In this method one or more metals are precipitated in the form of hydroxides, carbonates, oxalates, citrates or formates. The precipitates obtained are further calcines to obtain the final phase of the material. Co-precipitation results in mixing at an atomic level and a more homogenous product. But sometimes there are possibilities of formation of heterogeneous products therefore, pH, temperature and other conditions should be optimum.
In a normal co-precipitation method, the precipitant is added drop-wise into the metal precursor solution which is kept at constant stirring and heated at a particular temperature. After full saturation is obtained the solution is kept for ageing process. The solution is then filtered and the salt is washed with distilled water until the salt shows neutra...

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...hat fossil fuels would remain as the primary source of energy for the coming years. From the literature, it can be seen that major of the studies have been conducted using methane as the fuel. Especially for a country like India, coal would remain to be the major fuel until 2032 (TERI, 2013). Therefore it is necessary to employ coal as the fuel for chemical looping combustion. Another key focus should be on the use of mechanically stable mixed metal oxides. In most of the cases, oxygen carriers showed activity for a limited number of cycles due to agglomeration and less mechanical stability. Hence importance should be given to develop more mechanically strong mixed metal oxides with high oxygen carrying capacity and lesser problems like agglomeration, sintering and also environmentally benign oxygen carriers possible of high fuel conversion and low carbon deposition.

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