Composure Under Rebellion Essay examples

Composure Under Rebellion Essay examples

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Abraham Lincoln was a president faced with a nation divided and at war. To preserve the Union and maintain the nation's government, Lincoln took intense measures that some say reached beyond his presidential powers. All action were made with intentions for the preservation of the Union. He kept the Union strong by leading a presidential war against Confederate rebellion. He is the man responsible for freeing countless slaves through the Emancipation Proclamation, which led to the 13th amendment, abolishing slavery. Lincoln also strengthened the United States domestics and economy through his courses of action with congress.
In order for Lincoln to maintain control of the nation, he led a presidential war, taking the role of commander and chief to an unrivaled level. He praised the fact that the Civil War started off as an "insurrection". With congress out of session, Lincoln could use his constitutional power to "proclaim the existence of a domestic rebellion...organized and violent rebellion at home required quick, unilateral presidential action". The following actions were taken towards the preservation of the Union: Writ of habeas corpus was suspended with martial law enacted, state militia of 75,000 was mobilized, a naval blockade from Washington that wrapped around the Gulf and up the Mississippi, the army and navy was expanded by around 40,000 after the blockade.(Milkis, and Nelson 158-160) Lincoln consummated his goals of preservation when he enacted the Emancipation Proclamation; incorporating over 100,000 slaves into the Union army, ensuring victory for the Union.
The Confederate States were given till January 1st, 1863 to return to the Union or the slaves within their state would be freed, none of which comp...

... middle of paper ...

... will become all one thing, or all the other."(Milkis, and Nelson 155)
He did not miss a beat.

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