The Composer : Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart Essay

The Composer : Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart Essay

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ozart’s Requiem
The composer:
Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart was one of history’s important composers. He was “was a musician capable of playing multiple instruments that started playing in public at the age of 6. Over the years, Mozart aligned himself with a variety of European venues and patrons, composing hundreds of works that included sonatas, symphonies, masses, concertos and operas, marked by vivid emotion and sophisticated textures.”
His early life consisted of “education in music as well as other subjects. Wolfgang soon showed signs of excelling beyond his father’s teachings with an early composition at age five and demonstrating outstanding ability on the clarinet and the violin.” He was very much influenced by Bach and Handel, “As 1782 turned to 1783, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart became enthralled with the work of Johannes Sebastian Bach and George Frederic Handel and this, in turn, resulted in several compositions in the Baroque style and influenced much of his later compositions, such as passages in Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute) and the finale of Symphony Number 41. During this time, Mozart met Joseph Haydn and the two composers became admiring friends. When Haydn visited Vienna, they sometimes performed impromptu concerts with string quartets. Between 1782 and 1785 Mozart wrote six quartets dedicated to Haydn.”
The work
A requiem is a mass for the dead as in the Latin, Missa Pro Defunctis. It gets its name from the first line of the Introit, “Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine “meaning “Eternal rest grant them, O Lord“. “Before setting off to work on the Requiem, Mozart acquainted himself with the tradition of funeral music and the requiem genre. His main influences were George Frideric Handel, who offered Mozart “his model ...

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...zart leads off with a beautiful, gentle weave of lines for the basset horns and strings.” This is very evident to the listener as it sets the mood for the beginning of the sentimental text;
Remember, kind Jesus,
my salvation caused your suffering;
do not forsake me on that day.

Domine jesu is a great example of Mozart’s creativity, which was enhanced by Sussmayr. The vocal and instrumental bass line, “floats sweetly by,” says Steinberg. He goes on to say that certain elements of the famous; Magic Flute can also be heard in this section of the requiem.


In conclusion, although Mozart was not known for his sacred choral works, he has made an impact with his requiem. It is such great contribution to the classical field that it has left a lasting impact on that classical community. It performances, although rare, are a sight to behold as well as hear.

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