Essay about Components of Literacy Development, A list

Essay about Components of Literacy Development, A list

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Components of Literacy Development
Phonemic Awareness: The knowledge and ability to manipulate sounds with the spoken words.
Phonics: Identification of the relationship between written words and spoken letters and sounds.
Reading Fluency: The ability to read written text with accuracy, appropriate rate, expression and phrasing .

Vocabulary Development: The knowledge and understanding of words, definitions of the word, and correct context of the word.
Reading Comprehension: The understanding of the meaning in written text.

Talk With and Listen to Your Child
Find ways for your child to join in conversations and ask questions
What is their opinion?
What are their feelings about it or how do they feel about it?
Tell stories and have them participate
How would they end the story?
What is their opinion about the story?
Where do they think it takes place (time, location)?
How did they feel about the story?
What do think will happen or happen next?
Talk to your child about many different events, ideas and stories.
Reading Basics
The single most effective way to help a child become a proficient reader is by reading together.
It develops vocabulary comprehension and gain knowledge that allows them to understand other books and stories later on.
They are more likely to want to learn to read on their own if they enjoy being read to.
It introduces them to words that they do not hear in daily conversation.

How to Help Your Child Become a Better Reader
Make reading fun! Vary reading activities (play games, read together, put on a play).
Make sure your child is reading at least 30 minutes a day.
Have them read independently (by themselves).
You can read to them or take turns reading with them.
Have them read to a stuffed animals or a s...

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