Components Of Idea Law ( Individualized Educational Plan Essay

Components Of Idea Law ( Individualized Educational Plan Essay

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Task 1
How do each of the major components of IDEA Law (individualized educational plan, least restrictive environment, protection in evaluation procedures, and due process) affect assessment practices?
Assessment practices have been positively impacted by (IEP) Individualized Education Plans, Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), protection in evaluation procedures and due process provisions. All four components have made the process of assessment more ethical, non-discriminatory, and fair. Students’ needs are examined at an individual basis to determine a clear, concise and measurable goal for each student. New assessment practices have influenced teachers, students, parents and the community to become aware of the laws that protect individuals with learning disabilities.
Firstly, EIP is designed to individualize educational plans and meet each student’s needs. The student’s goals are clear and measurable. This has resulted in better accountability to evaluate techniques and determine effective teaching practices. Currently, students with disabilities must have an IEP. The IEP needs to be specific with long and short term goals of an instructional program. The IEP has to be based on assessment by a multidisciplinary team. Parents have the right to agree and disagree with the content of the program. The change in Law in 1997, requires that the core of the IEP team must include a special education teacher and a general education teacher. Students must also be included in statewide assessments. States most report on the performance and progress of all students.
Secondly, under evaluation procedures provisions congress mandated eight requirements that ensure assessment is fair, nondiscriminatory, and ethical. 1-Test must be s...

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...a safe environment by encouraging friendship, respect, and kindness, towards each other. To be more specific in our school, we have a wall in the main hallway where the names of the student who are consider “bucket fillers” are displayed. This encourages the students to be kind to each other, have respect for each other, value differences and be good friends to each other. When a student is considered a “bucket fillers” the parents also receive a letter from the principle, encouraging the parents to make emphasis on creating a positive school environment that in conductive to learning.

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