The Components Of An Input Device Essay

The Components Of An Input Device Essay

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An input device is any device that is connected to a computer and transfers information to react or appear on the monitor screen. Code is translated from the device to the machine. For example, a keyboard connected to a computer through a USB cord will tell the computer what letters or characters should appear on the screen. Some example of input and output devices on a computer are printers, mouse, camera, external drives, internet, microphone, and audio speakers. Storage is where information and documents are stored (computer technology, n.d.). The C drive is the primary internal storage on a computer, while a D drive is the secondary. There are also external drives and clouds used for storage. A television is also a device with inputs and outputs. The inputs and outputs vary from HDMI ports to USB ports. Televisions now days act as if it were a computer. My TV is a smart TV, and I can use a keyboard to type while browsing the internet.

“The microprocessor, also known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), is the brain of all computers and many household and electronic devices” (what is a microprocessor, 2014). Microprocessors are located in a variety of devices. They are what sends and receive all information necessary to run a computer or device. Depending on the type of microprocessor, it will determine the speed of a computer, and how many applications it can run at one time. The lower the memory the microprocessor has the slower it will run if many application run at the same time. The Microprocessor will also determine the quality of the functions of the computer. There are other devices besides computers that have a microprocessor. Metal detectors, cell phones, watches, cash registers, supermarket machines, and...

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...nts in engineering and programming. ASME was one organization that provided grants and staff to support our team. Many professional organizations have SIGS short for Special Interest Groups. SIGS are specific sub-groups that focus on a topic in a specific field on study or interest. Two SIG 's that I find interesting are SIGEVO (Genetic and Evolutionary Computation), and SIGAI (Artificial Intelligence). These are two different SIGS that I may use going forward with my professional life. In the next few years I may be a part of a team that is building and programming circuits or robots for these organizations. Right now I am brain storming with a team of student in my college to compete in a robotics competition that IEEE is hosting. The robot must be able to play Simon Says, Etch and Sketch, pick up a card, and rotate a Rubrik’s Cube all while in an autonomist mode.

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