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Components Of A Manufacturing Cell Essay

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One remarkable tool Boeing should utilize is ABC analysis, this process charts all of you inventory needs and aligns them in order of highest priority from left to right in a visual representation of the needs (Heizer & Render, 2014). This is a powerful tool to provide a visual reference of quality priorities and high cost priorities. It does not add value to focus on a common low cost cleaning agent used in the assembly process that is available from multiple locations and used in various areas throughout the manufacturing plant. I does make perfect sense to track the inventory of an expensive turbine that is required for a motor assembly; the lead time may be several months to receive one and the assembly process would essentially shut down if it did not have one to build with.
The primary goal of a manufacturing cell is to produce a good; similar to one of the various cells Boeing has building the engine components on an airplane. In order for this cell to build its component the inventory management team must ensure it has all the required components to perform the tasks. The balance in this effort is between investment capital in raw materials and completing finished goods for a customer order (Heizer $ Render, 2014). A manufacture that does not track its inventory will either have more capital in raw materials tied up or it will eventually run out of some portion of raw materials causing a delay in production; either way this is not a good practice of a lean operating system.
The only way to have an accurate inventory is to understand how much inventory is being used for work in process (WIP) and how much inventory is needed for future WIP. A manufacture in a relatively small environment could likely count everything perio...

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...ry and it still remains one of the industry leaders. To remain an industry leader Boeing will need to continue to practice lean manufacturing and make bold moves such as hiring industry moguls like Walter Odisho from Toyota. Expanding sales and manufacturing new airplanes that are more efficient and satisfy the customers with new innovative features such as quieter engines will certainly help keep Boeing growing for another 100 years of manufacturing. Creative partnerships with other manufactures such as Lockheed Martins and Pratt Whitney will continue to bring new innovations and technological advances far ahead of relying on individual efforts alone. Globalization has brought a world of competitive marketing and procurement options for raw materials; however, Boeing must continue to focus on the initial quality of the goods and not just the price point achievable.

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