Components Of A Good Education Essay

Components Of A Good Education Essay

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Components of a Good Education
Education is something of value worldwide, however receiving a good education is what is important. There are various components that make up a good education; being able to ask questions when a person is confused, using technology to expand one’s learning, and not only student engagement but even parent and faculty engagement. Most importantly, it crucial to understand what type of learner the student is to be sure that they are understanding the material.
William Zinsser’s College Pressures discusses the theory that all students have, they need to have their lives planned out ahead of time, but he is constantly trying to remind them “that the road ahead is a long one and it will have unexpected turns” (Zinsser 292). Zinsser tries to show students that it is necessary to be unsure of something and to ask any type of questions they are curious about. Students should be confident in talking to someone when they are stumped about something. Most students fear to ask a question in front of a large group of people. If students do not ask at the time they ...

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