Complications of Oral Piercings and Prevention Tips Essay

Complications of Oral Piercings and Prevention Tips Essay

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Oral piercings are a growing trend in young adults used to represent self expression and uniqueness. Oral piercings are referred to as piercings that are inside the mouth with the most popular being the tongue. Other types include the lip, uvula, frenum, and cheeks. Oral piercings usually have a quick healing time due to their plentiful blood supply in the oral cavity; however, though piercing seems harmless due to its reversibility as compared to tattoos, there is a big concern to dental and medical professionals due to their risks and complications to health (Jannsen & Cooper, 2008).
Your mouth is an environment full of breeding bacteria causing an easy access for infection and swelling to occur. One of every five piercings results in infection from dirty puncture wounds. According to the American Dental Association an infection could become life threatening if not taken care of immediately. Consequently your mouth and tongue could swell so much causing a blockage of the airway making it difficult to breathe. It also could cause speech problems especially with S’s and T’s due to an increased saliva production from the jewelry. This can also alter taste. Piercing can furthermore cause a more likelihood of the transmission of herpes simplex virus and hepatitis B and C (Rudolph, 2013). Infection can also increase risk for endocarditis. To help prevent swelling it is recommended to allow small pieces of ice to melt in the mouth and also sleep with the head elevated above the heart for the first few days. It is crucial to not share plates, cups, and eating utensils to keep from passing bacteria. Using a salt water rinse and avoiding alcohol and spicy foods can also help decrease swelling and infection.
Another complication with o...

... middle of paper ... opening too wide so that they do not stretch and tighten the tissue. The patient should throw their old tooth brush away and buy a new one following piercing so that old bacteria does not enter into the mouth. Dental professionals should check the jewelry for tightness to make sure it does not get dislodge in the airway, clean the site with an air/water syringe, and advise patient to brush the bar and balls regularly (Jennson & Cooper, 2008).
Though oral piercings may seem cool and a way of self expression, they should be well researched and planned. Make sure that the piercer is a well trained professional and uses clean tools. They should make sure to carefully read after care instructions and follow all protocols for cleaning and eating. The oral cavity is the biggest portal for bacteria to enter, so many complications are likely if proper care is not taken.

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