Complications from Plastic Surgery Essay example

Complications from Plastic Surgery Essay example

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Plastic surgery has been a popular kind of medical procedure done in our generation. It is known to change your form of appearance. A plastic surgery has many different forms and ways to get done. Something could be put into, onto, or moved from your body. It seems to be that a lot of people from the age of eighteen start getting cosmetic surgery done to themselves. According to the ASPS, more than 300,000 people 18 years and younger had either major or minor plastic surgical procedures in 2012. (“Plastic Surgery” June 2013) Feelings are always involved when wanting these medical procedures done, insecurities are a big thing. The first thought to mind in others is that plastic surgery can make life better, and make themselves look great. Do you ever really think of what plastic surgery can do? Well there are a lot of problems behind. Many effects on the side, and so much can be done to the rest of your body. Not just that but things could always go wrong. Do not ruin the perfect body you have now.
The complications that can occur could be airway obstruction. There are specific drugs that you are given to reduce pain and those drugs can cause consciousness during surgery, and they can irritate the throat and lungs. If not treated correctly, the condition can cause the airway to block, or even brain damage. Aspiration is another effect in which the patient can vomits a lot during the surgery and the fluid may go into the lungs and cause suffocation. Blood clots, and blood loss are two major damages. During anesthesia a blood clot may get on to a vein and result in stroke. For blood loss, during surgery if a lot of blood is lost their pressure can drop really low. There are plenty of more side effects that can be cause by any kind...

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... make sure that if you want to get surgery that it is for yourself, and not to please someone else. Life passes by and you get old, don’t risk it now that you are young. (“Plastic Surgery” June 2013)
Patients that get cosmetic surgery done have to understand that there body may or may not take the side effects in the right direction. You never know if it can go in the wrong direction. There may be short-term side effects, long-term or permanent side effects, such as scarring or discoloration of the area. Patients should have reasonable expectations of how their appearance may change in desired and undesired ways after the procedure. Many plastic surgery complications are unavoidable and may occur even under ideal circumstances. (“Plastic Surgery
Complications” n.d.) If you are not receiving a reconstructive surgery make sure to be careful on what you wish for.

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