Complexity of Human Needs Essay

Complexity of Human Needs Essay

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Complexity of Human Needs
(An Analysis of “Hollow Men”)

Who hasn’t read or learned about T.S. Elliot in their English class? T.S. Elliot was by far and undisputedly the greatest poet writing English poetry in the twenty first century. Elliot’s main focus when writing his poetic work was to focus on form of shaping the philosophy for our times in which we would be more true to the complexity of human needs. He had a very profound thought on religion and the way that the human race was losing touch with their religious use or needs. In this essay we will be discussing T.S. Elliot’s view and comments about human life come the twentieth century, and we will be using on of his greatest literature work “The Hollow Men” to reference or back up our discussion.
To first kick off our discussion, one of Elliot’s main comments of critiques one life is on the way we view or sees our own religion faith. He argues I his poem that we do not have the same believe in faith as our parents or grandparents had. We don’t have the same need to pray every Sunday the way our parents or grandparen...

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