Essay about Complexities of the Capitalistic State

Essay about Complexities of the Capitalistic State

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Complexities of the capitalistic state reinforce the higher economic class, while crises between classes in society will reset the socially constructed inequalities. Social inequalities become perpetrated by the state, by upholding the higher class. The way to equalize the classes is for overthrow the state and expose the contradictions of capitalism.
Quinney states that the role of the state in capitalist society is to defend the interests of the ruling class” (Quinney 2001 261). The state defends the ruling class interests through the creation of law. The law, created by people of power, structures the class system. Distinctions of classes are based on social characteristics. This dominance in society is “maintained and promoted” (Quinney 2001 261) because the ruling class manipulates the legal system through the mechanisms of the state. The state’s use of crime control has become a device to defend the ruling class, as crime control is used to push individual cases through the criminal justice system. The state creates criminal law in such a way that reinforces the interests of the ruling class. Although it is realized that everyone commits crimes, deviation is caused by the inequalities of society. Social cohesion is imperative to lowering crime.
The role of the state, in defending the ruling class, will unveil a deeper understanding into the nature of the operation of legal order in society. Miliband is quoted to declare that the state is not an independent entity. The state is “’a number of particular institutions which, together, constitute its reality’” (Quinney 2001 262), and are interrelated as to create a system. This system includes “(1) the government, (2) the administration, (3) the military and the police, (4)...

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...ressed class made of people considered to be acting as wilful criminals. Preventing crimes is established through effectively intensifying law enforcement at all governmental levels (Quinney 2001 265). State-created law becomes the ultimate means to secure the ruling class. Crime control is argued to be the ultimate preventative measure for a free society. A commission conducted by the institute for defense analysis suggests that responses to crime through crime control should become more scientific based, emphasizing the science and technology used by the military, and suggests the federal government fund such programs to ensure the safety of society.
Quinney makes a case against liberal reform positions, suggesting citizens to look past the restructuring of capitalism to create “humane existence and a world free of the authoritarian state” (Quinney 2001 270).

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