Completing My Bachelor Of Science For Nursing Essay examples

Completing My Bachelor Of Science For Nursing Essay examples

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Completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) has been one of my goals after I graduated from my Associate Degree in Nursing, and I said one of my goals because my ultimate goal is to become an Advance Practice Registered Nurse. It is the first time I am taking classes online and all my efforts will be in turn this journey into a positive experience to achieve my goals. One of the biggest challenge is to overcome the lack of time between my family and my work, but it is essential for my career to achieve the Bachelor Degree in Nursing, as well as personal development. Although I have had experience as a student, as a nurse, and as a leader, I would like to have more challenging job opportunities in my future. From my college experience, I expect to gain knowledge and outstanding skills to grow in my career, and to obtain a better position in the nursing field.
My studies of Bachelor Degree in nursing will provide the knowledge I need to be successful in my nursing career. In my previous experience in college, I learned basic knowledge and the necessary skills to work in a healthcare environment as a nurse. A nurse has a lot of specialties, each with its own challenges and achievements. For example, while I was in my internships for registered nurse, I discovered that I love to work with elderly people. Then, I choose to work in home health care, to provide professional and emotional support for those who care for us for many years and now need our understanding, love, and excellent patient care. My first experience was to work in a nursing home, assists patients with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, transfers and ambulation, some of the fundamental tasks a nurse must know. Even though I confessed I was nervous because ...

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In brief, the words of choice for my college experience will be challenging and exciting since it is the first time I take online classes, but I will prepare physically and mentally for this expedition, and this experience will help me in my professional and personal development. The BSN is the opportunity to increase the knowledge and understanding of the nursing career. “Nursing is a unique profession because of its synthesis of practice, multidimensional assessment/intervention, interpersonal communication, case management, and resource-linking on behalf of patients” (Jackson et al. 150). I love my work and as a registered nurse I feel totally complete, nevertheless, an advance education as the BSN program, will incorporate critical thinking expertise and leadership skills, required qualities in order to get a better position in the nursing field.

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