Competitive Impact Of Flexibility, Accountability And Targeting Power Of The Internet

Competitive Impact Of Flexibility, Accountability And Targeting Power Of The Internet

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JOU Final Exam
Miranda Eisenschmidt
Competitive impact of flexibility, accountability and targeting power of the Internet
The internet is constantly changing and evolving. Advertising is very competitive online because of the flexibility, accountability and targeting power of the internet. Geo-tagging, GPS, location service, are just a few of the ways that the internet is making the advertising for companies more competitive. With smartphone the internet is at our finger tips. It is now so easy for advertisers to target an extremely specific market.
Geo-tagging is changing the power of the internet. Companies are now getting free advertisement. With apps and social media, the internet has made it simple for people to share/ tag where they are at, at any given time and place. GPS and location service goes hand and hand. Technology is constantly changing and evolving and making it easier to target specific people. Now when you walk into a store, they know you are there once you set foot in the doorway. The company can target you right then and there sending you messages and coupons persuading you to make a purchase. For example our textbook says, “…an app called Shop kick enables users to get points for entering a store and making a purchase,” (Thorson/Duffy, 163).
Also the internet is so advance advertisers can know what a person likes, dislikes, and how to get them to buy certain products. When a person clicks on an ad or coupon the advertiser can identify so many things about that one person just from that one click. Advertisers can also use “cookies” which track users’ behaviors (164). Advertise can now truly have a very specific target market for each campaign.

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...o go more into the future because it isn’t something the audience can avoid.
Another huge part of advertising in the future will be behavioral targeting. Through behavioral targeting advertisers can know so much about their audience and target directly to the people they want. This will continue to evolve in the future. Now advertisements are directed at a person for a very specific reason. Re-targeting ads are also great examples of advertising is advancing.
Finally, creativity will become a greater and required part of advertisements in the near future if not now. For example the Old Spice commercials are so funny that people actually look for them (search for them on YouTube). Advertisers will need to continue to be creative in order to capture the audience’s attention so that they will want to watch the ads, and in the end want to buy the product or service.

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