The Competing Values Framework Essay

The Competing Values Framework Essay

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In the history of business study, The Competing Values Framework (CVF) has been thought of as one of the most influential models. According to Cameron (n.d.), he points out that several business school and leading organization have been studied and tested this theory for more than 25 years. He also claims that the CVF is the most accuracy model now because it can predict the organization future in term of success better than other models. In general, it can be use to identify the fundamental of organization from the top to bottom, for instance leadership, human resource management, management strategy and organization culture. As a results, the framework helps instruct the way to get improvement by having a comprehension values that occur commonly in organization. The model is emerged from the question “What are the main criteria for determining if an organization is effective? What key factors define organizational effectiveness? When people judge an organization to be effective, what indicators do they have in mind”
(Cameron et al, 2011: 38). However, there has been little discussion about “the Competing Values Framework has little but historical value”. The remainder of this essay is divided into three sections. In the first section, I will explain what is the Competing Values Framework. Follow by discuss how it can be considered as “little value.” Finally, I will describe how this framework can be use.

To understand The Competing Values theory, we might have to return to it first principles. Quinn et al (2003, cited by Boddy, 2008: 40) defines about the origin of this theory that is largely based upon 4 historical studies that examine how management can be effectiveness. The first theory related to the CVF is ‘Rational Go...

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